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Torta del Casar

Did you know that Spain is a country where many different types of Cheese are made?


Some of them have won prizes at the prestigious World Cheese Award World Event, which brings together the best Cheese Shops in the World!


Cheeses made from cow, goat, sheep and mixed milk, fresh, semis, cured, aged and old;


Spain offers an infinity of exquisite cheeses. One of the best known outside of Spain, is probably Manchego Cheese, an excellent candidate, without a doubt.


But today we would like to focus and talk to you about a different cheese, also very recognized in our country and outside it, which has won Important Awards




 Now in our product range: JAMONES DE JUVILES

It is 100% natural ham, only ham and salt, WITHOUT additives and preservatives.

 Ham assortment - JAMES DE JUVILES

Read on to find out more about these ham ....

One of the news of this months is the  MOJAMA DE BARBATE "LA CHANCA"Mojama

Known as a mediterranean delicacy, you will find following more information about this product:

Mojama is a salt and cured Tuna, also known as "PATA NEGRA OF THE SEA"

Mapa Europa donde vendemosWhen we start a year, we always take a moment to think about what we have achieved in the previous and the new goals for this.

Looking back, we can say that 2017 has been a year of positive change and success, expanding our refrigeration and freezing facilities, adding our full range of frozen products, along with all the new products from our standard range.

We have also expanded our export market and supply customers from 15 different European Union countries with Spanish products.