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How to order

Buy in 4 easy steps directly in Spain:

  1. Send us your order via mail
  2. We proceed to collect the goods in the different stores
  3. Once we have all the items in the dispatch warehouse, we will send you the order by mail, with total amount and bank account
  4. You send us the proof of payment and the same day or the next one, we will give the order to the transport company

Since many products are sold by weight, it is necessary to have all the products in the dispatch warehouse to invoice you the exact weiht of every product.Once we have the products in the dispatch warehouse we can send you the order via e-mail with total amount and bank detials.

The preparation of your order may take us 2 to 3 days and the delivery 4 to 7 working days, depending on the delivery destination. Should a product not be available in the warehouse or we need something more of time to prepare your order, we will let you know right away.

What you need to buy in BR Spanish Gourmet? 
You probably already have a tax identification number (VAT Number) if not, it is very easy to get these. Please contact to the appropriate tax office in your city and apply for the VAT Number. With this number you can then purchase products throughout Europe.

Invoices are issued without VAT. 

Wine, Sparkling Wine, Fermented Berverages and other alcoholic products:
This products pays Excise Duty (wine not in all the countries). Therefore the sale of these products is controlled by the customs office. In relation to these products is an Excise Number required.

If you do not have this, we ask you to contact the competent customs office and for you to apply for this.

If you have an Excise Number, we will add the Simplified Accompanying Documents in paper form to your order. This Documents are a summary of all the alcoholic products you have buyed. Once the goods arrive to you, the documents must be signed on the back, stamped and sent to the appropriate customs office so that they can also be stamped by the customs office. Once this is done, the customs office sends the documents back to you. Copie number 3 must send back to us with signature from the customs office and yours.

Should you have any questions on this topic, please get in touch with us and we'll clarify by phone.

An example of the excise duty in different countries.






 Still Wine

 0,028 €/Bot.

 0 €/Bot.

0,663 €/Bot. 

0,427 €/Bot.

 Sparkling Wine

 0,069 €/Bot.

1,02 €/Bot. 

1,908 €/Bot. 

1,462 €/Bot.


Minimum Order:
We make assorted pallets with different products, so you can purchase a wide variety of different products, without having to take a large number of these. The minimum order quantity per article is a complete package / box each.

The minimum order quantity for non-fragile products are 150 Kg. and 600 € value of goods. With this weight, we can provide a safe delivery of your order.

Prices are quoted ex works.

We offer you the opportunity to collect your order at our warehouse in Figueres or we to take care of the delivery of your order. We work with different freight forwarders, cooled and uncooled. Transport costs are calculated according to weight, volume, and delivery place and are listed on the order.

All the products which require refrigerated transport, but will be shipped by express request of the customer with uncooled transport, and arrive in poor condition will not be replaced of us.

We always try to have stock of the products that we offer. However, this is not always possible and possibly a product is sold out, we are waiting for new year or we do not have stock enough as you request. In any case, we will inform you about this.

After registering on our site and the successful activation of your account, you have access to the catalogs with prices. All prices are updated in the catalogs. We reserve price changes if necessary. If this does not correspond with the catalog, you will be informed by e-mail.

Orders of frozen Products:
Orders for frozen products are managed completely apart from the rest of food and drink products,
since they must travel at a temperature of -18 °C.

In this section, you can also make pallets with different products, always respecting the minimum sales unit (complete boxes). 

The prices of frozen products can be: per kg, per piece or per box, being indicated in the description. If in any product you have doubts, please contact us.

Due to the wide range of products on sale and other reasons (such as fishing seasons, harvests, etc.) some products may suffer price fluctuations of ± 3%.

It is impossible for us to have the prices updated 100% . So when we send the Order Valued by email, you will see the Current Price.
If the price variation exceeds this 3%, we will notify you before placing your order.

All orders must be paid by bank transfer. The first three orders in advance. From the fourth order and if this (all 4) are from 2.000 €, we can request the Insurance Company (CESCE) and if they give us risk, a bank transfer is possible 30 days after the invoice date. Smaller orders or only 1 to 2 orders per year must continued to be paid in advance. 


We don't need to explain too much the positive sides of buying the products in the country of origin, the main point is economic saving to buy by the best price.

The advantage of buying in our company lies in the ability to group your purchases of products as varied as wine, oil, hams, cheeses, paella or other Spanish food in a single source, this allows you to buy small amounts of multiple articles, and varied and often orders to perform, this allows you to not worry about having too many units in stock, we have the stock for you.

By having such a wide range of products, realizing our minimum order is very simple and you do not need large amounts by reference.

Our pallets, as you can see here, can be assorted and we adapt them for a safetey delivery.



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2017-09-04, 13:02
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Gregorio - Poland
2017-05-17, 13:34
"Produkty dobrej jakości, bardzo dobry kontakt, błyskawiczna wysyłka,od momentu zamówienia upłynęło sześć dni i produkty mieliśmy na … read more
Anna - Poland
2016-04-26, 08:27
Polacy kochaja Hiszpanie. W BR Spanish Gourmet jest szeroka oferta produktów,
ceny sa uczciwe, a kontakt to czysta przyjemnosc. Moi klienci sa
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